The Christmas Rush

This has been a wonderful, surprising 6 months for me/my business. The commissions began really rolling in this summer—to the point that I had to turn down commissions for Christmas beginning in August!!! 

The quilts I’ve been creating the last few months have run the gamut from baby clothes quilts to very creative, client-driven projects.

This quilt was created with dresses—-my client’s, her daughter’s, and her granddaughter’s! Included were all kinds of textiles including beaded dresses, velvet, knit and vintage. Lots of great memories sewn up in this one!

Crazy pieced memory quilt

















Here’s another quilt, and a very different one. This is a block-style quilt from men’s shirts. This man was a horse-shoer and see the sashing strips? Horseshoe fabric! The whole back is this fabric, also.

quilt from shirts

This batch of shirts included a number of solid shirts. The western pocket shirts had interest, the stripes looked interesting, but I thought the solid blocks needed a little something “extra”.

free-motion quilting


I did free-motion quilting on these blocks—each unique. I think this quilt is different and interesting–not too busy but not just boring blank squares, either!



free motion quiltingquilting

shirt quilt






See the heart quilted on the red block? Representing the love between these 2 folks.

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