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Art Quilts and Memory Quilts


Business Update:

This year I have been shifting my focus to creating art quilts. These quilts hang on the wall and look like paintings but are created with fabric and thread (and occasionally some paint, too!)

In the course of this change in focus I have been incredibly lucky to be mentored by one of the top art quilters in the world, Caryl Breyer Fallert-Gentry! (If you haven’t seen her work, visit her website Breyerpatch.com)

I have begun successfully entering international juried quilt shows and have had quilts on exhibit around the country. Creating these works of art has been exciting and fulfilling and time-consuming, leaving little time for memory quilt from clothing commissions. I am still make memory quilts here and there, fulfilling all commissioned obligations as promised, but unfortunately I cannot accept further commissions of memory quilts from clothing until further notice.

I am humbled by all the interest and inquiries about my memory quilts over the years and know that being drawn to create strictly art quilts is a very important next step in my creative life. I am blessed to have so much support and encouragement to focus on this endeavor.


……Piecing your story together

Creating art with fabric is what I do.

Creating a personal piece of art for you is what my memory quilt business is all about.

Memories come in many forms….stories that are told, photographs, clothing, ephemera…all these things add up to create important memories for us and those we love.

Working with your stories and personal materials, I create memory quilts from clothing and story quilts that are as unique as you are and that tell your story.

Why commission a quilt?

A story quilt/landscape quilt or memory quilt from clothes is a gift more memorable than anything you could buy in a store. Special events make wonderful reasons for a quilt—a birth, a wedding, anniversary, graduation, a new home—are all worthy of honoring and remembering. A story quilt also makes a wonderful remembrance of a loved one, a gift which will be cherished for generations to come. Don’t let old tax returns and digital photos stuck on someone’s fried computer be your family legacy!

My art quilts are not made of solely  fabric. I use a huge variety of materials to create my one-of-a-kind pieces, including decorative threads, paints, inks, buttons, lace, photos transferred to fabric and more. I use batting and backing materials and quilt and thread-paint to secure the layers. Then each piece is bound and prepared to be hung. The back of the quilt sometimes includes a pocket for notes or pictures, and a handwritten label.

Why choose Amy Cavaness Designs?

You’ve decided to have a memory quilt or art quilt made and there are many quilt makers to be found on the internet. What is special about me?

I’m known for my creativity. Doing something “different” not only doesn’t throw me, it’s what I welcome! There are many styles and techniques that can be used in memory quilts and art quilts and I’m familiar with most of them. Most of my 40+ years of sewing were spent making clothing and accessories and designing patterns. I’m very comfortable sewing with all types of fabric so, unlike some quilt makers, I have no problem incorporating just about anything you want in your quilt. Knowing how clothes are constructed makes it easier for me to know how to de-construct them for your memory quilt.

Take a look at my Testimonials Page for examples of how my previous clients have responded to my work.This feedback means the world to me and keeps me working, feeling very lucky to have found a way to truly make a difference.

Please browse through my website and contact me for more information on commissions. Prices vary depending on materials, size, type of quilt and time. Your satisfaction is my top priority!

Email me at Admin@AmyCavanessDesigns.com

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