This summer I was given the opportunity ( by another Artfire artisan) to submit something for a silent auction at the American Business Women’s Association convention at the end of this month. Paula was collecting Artfire items to put in a bag—I jumped at the chance to make THE BAG!

I’ve been buying some gorgeous vintage barkcloth this summer and thought the brown and turquoise would be beautiful for fall. I did buy some commercial cotton for the lining because I didn’t have anything to match.

I designed the bag around the print on the fabric. This created a rather large bag, so I measured my laptop to make sure it would fit, as long as it was going to be that large. The bottom of the bag is firm and padded, so it’s “laptop friendly”. It’s also a great size for a diaper bag or just a general tote.

There are pockets inside and out and the top zips closed—should be very nice to use.

The button on the flap is my favorite button in my collection–it’s from my grandmother’s estate. It just looked TOO GOOD to not put on this bag!
I’m very pleased with the results and have posted it in my Artfire studio, as I can create more such bags if they are custom ordered.


I’m so enjoying working with my collection of vintage fabrics. These are the only 2 “big” bags I’ve made with them lately, but I love them both. The first bag I designed completely around the fabric print. I love that wrought iron gate behind the flowers, so I created an arched shape for the center of the bag. Then, to give the bag a more “girly” shape, I cinched in the sides with a little belt. I’m really happy with it.
The second bag has been brewing for a while………I had the barkcloth with the red and pink leaves for quite a while. I hadn’t been used to working with red and pink together, so that took some contemplating. Plus it’s a really large scale design. Then I had this little remnant of what I guess was a tablecloth–the piece with the big peonies. Same colors…..hmmm……..had my red and white pillow ticking in my big pile of working materials………and then it all came together! I like the different scales of the graphics, and the contrast of stripes with floral. I think it works. Because of the shape of the table cloth piece, I was kind of stuck with a square-ish shape, and the bag became a big tote. I can’t leave well enough alone, so I pleated the outer corners a bit. It needed some type of large closure piece, so I played with my vintage buttons til I found this stack. I added lots of pockets inside and a little one on the outside (I love those for keys or phone) and it’s done. I like it!
If you want to see more pics, go to my Artfire Studio. They’re both for sale on my Artfire site, but if they don’t sell, I wouldn’t mind keeping them!!!