New Memory Quilt from Baby Clothes

New Memory Quilt from Baby Clothes
















I finished a cute memory quilt from baby clothes today. Every quilt I make is different and this one is no different. This memory quilt is a combination of baby boy clothes (from twins) and little girl clothes. I love the combination of styles and colors!


Quilt from clothing

The commission is a surprise for the mother of the children—the dad contacted me and coordinated the whole thing, including sneaking the clothes out of the house and paying via cashier’s check so she wouldn’t see a “mystery” charge in the bank statement. How awesome is this guy?!




The design of the memory quilt was left up to me. I made this one without “sashing” (strips between blocks) because there were a lot of items to include and I didn’t want to take up space with the sashing. It sort of resembles a crazy-piecing technique (only neater!)








Brian included a handmade quilt in the package to use as the backing (I used the front of that quilt showing on the back of my quilt.)



I worked to fit my design exactly to the dimensions of the other quilt, then opened up the other quilt’s pink binding and re-sewed it to bind both quilts again. That worked out nicely!


Brian’s only special request was that I include his children’s names on the quilt. To accomplish this in a creative way I found some fun fonts to use to create the names digitally. The boys’ names are in a Lego font and a train font (with an engine and caboose.) He included a t shirt with a monogram that he thought might be a nice start for the girl’s name. I found a font that I thought complimented the style.


After creating and sizing the name graphics, I applied them to the quilt with a product called Transfer Artist Paper. This is an awesome, versatile product and the results are machine washable. The names are scattered on the quilt and I thought it might be fun for the kids to hunt for their names when they look at the quilt.

I’m blessed to have a bit of a backlog of memory quilts to create from clothes. My most recent memory quilts have been from baby clothes—most of the next few will be from adult clothes and there are some very creative projects coming up!.