Memory Quilts Pricing

Memory Quilts Pricing

And Process

What is the price for a memory quilt from clothing?

Quilt from clothing including photos transferred to fabric

Quilt with photos transferred to fabric

The price for creating memory quilts from clothing varies depending on the style and size of the quilt, plus any extras you might want included.

My baseline price is $625 which goes up to a 36″ X 48″ (or equivalent) quilt. Larger quilts are measured by the square inch and are an additional 37 cents per square inch.

This price includes an original design,  batting, simple backing, artistic quilting, and bindinG

Extras include:

  • photos $5 per 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet (however many photos will fit)
  • specially ordered backing (and sashing) material  This is something that you will pre-approve before I order it. Specially ordered material includes “themed fabrics” that represent special interests of the person whose clothes are being used, super-soft minkie fleece (popular for baby quilts), or anything else special you might want for your quilt.

memory quilt from shirts

  • “Modern” or “Contemporary” style piecing is 45 cents per sq in
  • Shipping is through USPS Priority shipping
  • I have a “no surprises” policy with my work. You are included in any special decisions or purchases that I make. There won’t be any surprises in your balance due when the quilt is finished. I only hope to surprise you with how wonderful the quilt is when you see it in-person!

How does this process work?

I am happy to correspond with you and answer questions, discuss design options and preferences.

  • When you have your items boxed securely, ship it to my home. I will email and let you know about its arrival.
  • When I am ready to begin designing your quilt, I will email you and let you know.
  • I request a deposit to begin work on your commission
  • As I design and work, I send photos and ask questions about preferences if need  be. Seeing the work in progress in always fun for my clients.
  • When the quilt is finished, I send you detailed photos to assure your satisfaction and request the balance due.
  • Then I ship out the quilt via USPS Priority Shipping which includes tracking arrives in 2-3 days.


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