Modern memory quilt from shirts

 Modern Memory Quilt from Shirts

Contemporary-style improvisational piecing

A recently completed modern memory quilt from shirts is this full-size bed quilt. This quilt was put together with fabric from a collection of women’s blouses and a couple of pairs of khaki slacks. The colors are lovely and rather summery—-yellow, orange, several shades of blue, mint green and white with a few touches of red. Sewing this quilt as we transition from summer to fall, the colors seemed to mirror what I was seeing out my window—the beautiful blue October skies and the yellows, oranges and reds starting to appear in the green trees.


Modern memory quilt from shirts




Backing and quilting

The blue backing was a purchased cotton. There’s a LOT going on on the front of the quilt, so the solid back and binding is a nice restful choice here.  I quilted the layers with my box-within-a-box quilting pattern. I like this pattern with these modern quilts—the pattern itself is contemporary looking and the angularity compliments the geometric shapes on the top of the quilt. Like the piecing on the front, this stitching is done without a pattern—-it’s free-motion stitching.

memory quilt from clothing back


Detail photos

Here are a couple of close-ups of the quilt.The way I put the sections together kind of disappears in the rhythms and patterns of color and shape.

Improvisational piecing detail

Contemporary pieced memory quilt




















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