Wedding Dress Memory Quilt

Memory Quilts from Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress will probably sit in a box for years. It may disappear into a box in a closet for a lifetime! Why not preserve the beauty and memories in a form that can be enjoyed for generations? A wedding dress memory quilt is just the beginning of the possibilities!

Wedding Dress Lap Quilts

I created 2 memory quilts from a single wedding dress for one customer. Each was unique and was accented in the colors from her wedding.

Incorporating beaded details

The bodice had a lot of beading and embroidery and the skirt  was primarily plain white satin. I created the memory quilts in a “crazy quilt” style which allowed me to use all the small, elegant beaded fabric pieces. These small sections from the dress’s bodice are not evenly shaped and don’t lend themselves to a traditional block-style quilt.

Memory Quilt Wedding Dress3

Quilting memories

Larger pieces of plain satin filled in the balance of the wedding dress memory quilts. These sections were quilted with unique pictorial designs: birds, flowers, hearts and hands.  I also added some beading, ribbons, and hand-painted laces in the tradition of true crazy quilting (which is also one of my specialties.)

Custom pictorial quilting designs can be created in your memory quilt!

Photographing the satin was very difficult but I’m sure you can see these were lovely quilts.


From a wedding dress I can create more than just a memory quilt!

Other ideas include:

  • Bed runners (like a table runner across the foot of a bed)
  • Pillows
  • Christmas stockings for the family
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • Table runners (for Anniversary celebrations, family wedding receptions)
  • A jacket or other wearable
  • A beautiful handbag

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