memory quilt from clothing, pictorial

This is a memory quilt that is a pictorial quilt, made from clothing fabrics. It’s my first true crossover commission!

All the fabrics (except the black background) was from a man’s clothes. The quilt tells the story of who this man was and was commissioned for his 7 year old son. He was a cowboy, wildlife biologist, lived in the Sierra Nevada mountains, camped and fished, and searched for arrowheads,  I was given examples of art for style inspiration and I did my best to give this quilt a sort of primitive/whimsical style.



memory blanket bear, horse, mountain lion

memory quilt mountains, horse, bobcat, trees, stars



There are lakes on each end of this double-sized bed quilt, rivers meander down the sides in front of rows of mountains.

Cowboy Memory Quilt detail 1

memory  blanket lake with fish, mountain lion


Bandanna centers looked kind of “celestial” and inspired the sky area in the center. Other symbols include horse shoes, feathers, arrowheads, and stars.

center of memory quilt, western, cowboy, horseshoes and starts

memory quilt from clothing, pictorial


I used bits of all the clothing that was sent—-about 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and 2 bandannas, and I couldn’t have chosen much better fabrics myself for this type of quilt.

The lakes are from a blue chamois cloth shirt and all the trees were made from 2 green plaid shirts.


memory quilt bear, mountain lion, trees                                     Cowboy Memory Quilt detail 4


Quilting always adds a lot of interest as well as texture to quilts. The quilting I did helps tell the story.

bear quilted spiral



Spiral antlers add a touch of whimsy to this buck.

memory blanket deer, spiral antlers

Memory quilts from clothing can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Contact me to discuss how we can create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!








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