I’m a married mother of 4 young adult sons, friend to multiple house pets and a couple of horses. Besides sewing, I love country/western dancing and trail riding with my husband. We have what seems to be an ever-expanding household full of family and friends, so cooking large quantities of food and laughing a lot are daily activities.

I have been using a sewing machine since I was about 11 years old, making clothes for myself for about 30 years, then I began exploring other types of fabric art and embellishment. I love vintage textiles and design and create or embellish accessories and clothing with them. I have a nice collection of barkcloth, which was used as curtains in the 1940’s and 1950;s and has some really fun and funky patterns and colors.

Now I am focusing my business on creating memory quilts from clothing and “story quilts”, art quilt wall hangings which can include imagery from photos, symbolism, memories, and fabrics from clothing, all combined to create a picture worth a thousand words!

I welcome commissions for all types of art quilts and memory quilts.


Please email me at Amy@AmyCavanessDesigns.com