>Playing with fabric paints


Well, I got out my Shiva Paintstix and rubbing plates the other day and these are the results. I like most of them pretty well. Now that the paint has dried I need to press these, but I wanted to get them up for you to see. Now I have to decide what to do with them!
I’d love to use some of them on handbags–for outside pockets, maybe. And a couple of them would make nice collars or lapels on a vest or jacket. I thinks little pieces would look great in some crazy patchwork. Well, I’m still pondering. Let me know your ideas!

>Does being online count as working???

>As I try to get my little business up and running I find myself spending HOURS & HOURS online! And da#($it I started all this because I wanted to really work at my fiber art! How does that happen? Well, I know how it’s happened because everything I read says you MUST chat, blog, post, etc. besides all the work of actually getting something posted on Artfire. Well, OK, I’m trying to do it, but there is quite a maze of online handmade sites that I had no idea existed and still have no idea exactly how they interrelate. It’s really impressive, tho, to see all the fabulous and creative art out there!
So, today, we’ll spend some dedicated time in the studio and let the online community bumble along without my comments for a while. : D

>No Sewing Machine! What ever will I do???

>I’m taking my sewing machine into the shop tomorrow. I’m a sewer. And, I’m ashamed to admit, it’s been years since I had my Pfaff serviced. It’s quite a trek to a Pfaff shop, but we’re going that way tomorrow and I’m going to bring the old girl along for a check-up. Not sure how long they’ll keep her, but I’m already thinking about what I can do without my machine. I’m actually looking forward the time!

Making wall hangings and other projects with fabric doesn’t necessarily require sewing anymore. First I’m going to get out my Shiva Paint Stix and rubbing plates and stencils and create some “art fabric”. The paint stix are such fun and I haven’t really dedicated much time to using them. I’ll post some of my results here, later. I’m hoping to use the resulting fabrics in wall hangings, but also want to make some artsy looking handbags.

Speaking of handbags, I have a number of original designs—they’re really cute!–and I’m going to dig thru my stash and cut out a couple of bags to put together later. I want to offer handbags on my ArtFire studio.

I love Steam A Seam II !! I use it for my picture quilts. If you haven’t tried it, you can attach this bonding agent to the wrong side of the fabric and, after cutting out your shapes, the pieces will temporarily stick wherever you put them, until you permanently bond them with the iron. So, I can do some more designing and putting things together, leaving the quilting til my machine comes home.

And then there’s the mess in my studio…I could always work on cleaning it up………maybe!

>Idea Books

>I was just going thru my pile of magazine & catalog clippings. I tear pages out of all kinds of media for future ideas and keep them in a folder or basket. Then on evenings like this I clip and trim and paste them in my various binders and journals.I love all kinds of crafting, sewing and decorating. Of course, my mind’s eye envisions WAY more than I’ll ever accomplish! But I love looking through my books when I’m wanting to start something new.I have a little journal with clothing ideas from catalogs—I paste the item on the page and jot down next to it what it was that I particularly liked–the neckline, the use of trim, etc. Then I have my own personal catalog of fashions to design from. I use Wild Ginger Pattern Master Boutique to design patterns that fit my full figure beautifully.I have another journal that I draw my handbag ideas in, then note changes, etc. as I do them. This really helps when I write up the directions, or want to go back to the original design.I have a fat binder with home dec stuff, organized by season. It has Xmas stocking ideas, spring floral arrangements, stencil designs—-just about everything!Then I have my book of drawings for landscape quilts and tapestries. I find my 9 X 5 journal pages to be less intimidating to start a drawing than a big sketch book. I didn’t have much training in art, but I find that them more I sketch, the better I get.The bottom line is that I really love looking at my books. After all, every page is something that I like and it’s great to go back through them, as I can’t remember everything that’s in them. (Actually, I can’t remember a lot of things! Which is another reason I need my books!)Since I’ve just started blogging, I think I’m going to start a book of blog topic ideas…………………………..!