>Lots of people like to window shop online. It’s fun, free, and your feet don’t get tired! The main thing I shop for online is fabric. The types of fabrics I find most interesting and inspiring are mostly vintage materials, which I find on ebay or at estate sales (when I’m lucky enough to be able to get to one!) The hunt for authentic barkcloth, in a pattern I like, at a reasonable price, is a favorite break-time activity.

I just love my most recent barkcloth finds and thought I’d share some of them with you!

This fabric I’ve already used for beautiful purse (custom order) and have cut out a jacket for another order.

I found this pretty grey/pink color way of the same fabric I just used for the messenger bag! One of my sons’ girlfriend has already ordered the messenger bag in this one. Just need to find some great lining fabric!

I’m not sure if this one is really barkcloth, but it’s the same type of texture. The little country scenes are so cute–can’t wait to applique some of it on some denim pieces!

This is my grand prize (for now!) Some real Grandma Moses “Springtime on the farm” panels. It hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet, can’t wait to see it! It will be great for jackets. I’ll have to see it in person to really formulate some ideas.

Barkcloth florals are pretty easy to find, but the rural, farm-type scenes are much harder to come by. So finding and using them in creative ways has become my little “niche” in the handmade market.

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