“Indigo Afternoon”  29” x 40”  (2018)

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Description of confetti technique here.


Confetti technique

Description of raw edge technique here.


raw edge applique

Description of technique here.


thread drawn details

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Art Quilts as Pillows

This is 1 of 4 art quilts as pillows I created for a geologist.

art quilt pillow

He told me he me he makes an annual spiritual pilgrimage to Monument Valley, Utah and asked if I could make pillows using his photos as inspiration.

art quilt pillow

I hand painted the skies with fabric paints. In each photo the sky was a different shade of blue…maybe that was just the camera he used, but I tried to duplicate each color as I saw them. art quilt pillow

It’s funny—I had a large piece of hand-dyed orange-ish fabric that sat in my fabric cupboard for years. I couldn’t remember where I got the piece (or why!) but I finally had the perfect use for it. It gave me a great start for each monolith. art quilt pillow






I also tried very hard to capture important details about each one—-the shadows, highlights and textures.

My customer was very pleased with his pillows!

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