Dance costumes and a ballet slipper included in a memory quilt from clothing!

This memory quilt includes super-stretchy dance costumes, tee shirts, baby clothes and a ballet slipper!

Quilt from dance costumes

I’ve developed a new technique to include more tee shirt graphics in less space (including more tee shirts in a given size quilt.) This technique involves stitching and quilting graphics on the quilt and then removing excess, or “blank” materials. The effect is like a collage—and pretty dramatic with this tee shirt!

sequinned dance dress and tee shirt combined

Photos transferred to fabric are always a great feature on a memory quilt.Memory blanket with dance attire



t-shirt, dance and swim suitin a memory quiltI especially love this section of the memory quilt. I stitched the graphic from the “epic” tee shirt over a section of a sequinned dance costume, then cut away the background material to reveal the sequinned zebra stripes behind the rays. It’s a small detail in the overall design, but I think it’s really fun. And yes, that’s a bikini bottom!




Sequinned dance costume, back side of blue jeans including the pocket, and bits of

jeans, t-shirt, dance costumebrightly colored homecoming dresses.





Here’s a photo showing a fantastic combination of materials—demonstrating what I am able to successfully stitch together in a memory quilt. Besides tee shirts, this section of the quilt has a baby jacket, sparkly dance costumes, the leg from jeans, and a ballet slipper. Ballet slippers are made by covering a very hard, tough base in beautiful satin. The hard slipper, though full of memories, wouldn’t be very comfy to snuggle with, but I wanted to find a way to include it. My solution was to carefully cut the satin covering off of the slipper and hand-stitch it on to the quilt. I also stitched the satin ribbon laces in a woven pattern to imitate how they would be laced on the ballerina’s leg.




I love this little section—I transferred a darling black and white baby photo to fabric, cut out the figure and stitched it to the corner of a baby blanket, then it was all integrated in the design of the memory quilt.

Photo transferred to fabric sewn to baby blanket


The top of this dress was so pretty I just had to find a way to incorporate it in my design.


memory quilt from teen's clothing